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28th November

The good news is that this years water jump will be a recruitment drive and anybody who is jump qualified can jump. Even if they are not on strength.

This is the latest info, please read and forward your name to me asap so that I can book the bus.
I have confirmed the info with 3Para HQ today (26th Sept 2008) and the jump is still on and open to all qualified jumpers.
The good news is that this years water jump will be a recruitment drive, and anybody who is jump qualified can jump. Even if they are not on strength.

The jump will be held in Bloemfontein on 28 November 2008, retraining and registration will be on 27/11/2008.

ITINERARY FROM CAPE TOWN (for those who have not been with yet)

We will depart from Cape Town fort iKapa by rented bus and two drivers at 19h00 on Wednesday 26/11/08. On Thursday morning we will arrive in Bloemfontein and go to the mall for breakfast, you have a choice of mugg and bean or wimpy (yeach).
After a hearty breakfast we will depart for 44 for registration and retraining. The afternoon is spent catching our breath after hanging in harnesses, doing rolletjies,and a 2,4km (only joking). The evening is usually spent burning meat and talking about everything from calculus to k#*k over a few well deserved “milkshakes”.
On Friday morning we will rise early enough to wake the sparrows,and after combing our teeth we will depart for Bloemspruit/Tempe airfield. The bus will drop us off and depart for the dam, this year it is at the Krugersdrift dam. We will eventually emplane and head for the dam. Approximately 15min flying time you will feel the rush that only a paratrooper will know. On touchdown a smartie in a rubberduck will attempt to pull your heavily waterlogged hide into the boat, after which he will proceed to take you to a pont located somewhere in the dam.When they have filled the pont, you will be taken to the waters edge where you will hand back your chute and nootie. As your body is still filled with adrenaline, the only way to reduce it is to head for the bus and dig out a few “milkshakes” from the cooler box. The day usually is long and hot , so don’t forget your sunscreen.
We usually end up having some pi**ing contest (like making a beached bushpig swim in a race against a provincial champ) with our brothers from Durban, but fun is had by all. If you can assist us with any other activity that we can give the Durban guys carrots, please let us know.
That evening we will burn meat and go to “the wild boar” a pub owned by a Bat. This year I will introduce you to a very interesting pub called “The Bunker” also owned by a Bat. The rest of the night is up to you….
On Saturday morning we will surface and head for home, to much needed rest. We will arrive early evening. Sunday …………much needed rest.

This is the kind of memorable trip that keeps us together as a brotherhood, and motivates us to looking forward to next year.

Lets dig out Bats from the woodwork and make this a big one. Lets get our numbers in to 44 ASAP so that they can organise accommodation and general logistics.
I need the names of all interested asap, so that I can arrange the transport. Please contact me by return mail, or give me a call.

Our next canopy meeting will be held at Fort IKapa on 9/10/2008 at 19h30 see you all there.

Mark Bouillon (BUSHPIG)