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South Africa has a rich military history, dating back to before the first settlers came to this “new” land in the 1600’s. Local tribes waged war with each other since the dawn of time, producing one of the best military strategists and leaders of his time, Chaka, King of the Zulu nation, also referred to by historian’s world wide as “the Black Napoleon”. Only three wars were fought against foreign enemies of South Africa since 1652.There were the two Anglo Boer wars and the war in Angola.

South Africans also served with distinction in the two World Wars on the side of the Allied Forces and later in Korea. During the Angolan war a new division was born and added to the South African Defence Force, namely 1Parachute Battalion, known in South Africa as the Parabats. This site is dedicated to the Parabats – all those brave soldiers who served and are still serving today, but especially to those who paid the ultimate price and laid down their lives for this great country of ours. The aim of this site is threefold.

This is a non-profit site and is developed and maintained by volunteers who are proud of their South African heritage and proud to be associated with 1 Parachute Battalion. This site is also amongst other things…